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 Gift basket industry professionals and creative individuals who enjoy making gifts for friends and family will devour the informative gift basket books, gift basket design videos and other resources.  Gift basket books and general business and marketing books offer specific, useful tools for building a successful  business.  Business plan development, marketing techniques, sales letters and advertising advice are just some of the topics in the training materials developed by experienced business veterans.  Gift basket industry veterans appreciate the top-notch gift basket videos and DVD ’s hosted by Debra Paulk, founder of Gift Basket Review magazine and leading-edge originator of the gift basket industry’s commonly accepted national standards for gift basket methods and techniques.

Starting Out Right Gift Basket Design & Construction


Everything you and your employees need to know to make everyday best-selling gift baskets, using the most up-to-date consumer-friendly, non-damaging construction methods.

  • Theme and menu development illustrated.
  • Product Selection explained.
  • Non-damaging product stabilization demonstrated.
  • Plus... detailed information on cello and shrinkwrap "how-tos"

An updated technical "must-have" for everyone at any skill level!


Only available in DVD

Advanced Gift Basket Design


When you're ready to impress, learn how to make these extravagant creations without damaging the containers or components!

Stabilize beverages without tape, wire or any other label-destroying materials.

Learn easy techniques for creating stunning, towering gift box presentations.

See simple methods for mastering elegant enhancements.

Get step-by-step instructions for building tiered gifts, champagne servers, and more!

Only available in DVD

The 4 Basic Building Methods


You'll See:

  • Four excellent, industry approved methods for building baskets with strong, stable mechanics.
  • Blended techniques that enable baskets to pass the "upside-down" test...with every product staying securely in place.
  • Nine basic categories of tools and supplies, plus in-depth training on how to USE them effectively.

You'll Learn:

  • Double-duty tips and trade secrets for wrapping baskets; methods that make the wrap work overtime as both product stabilizer and basket enhancement.
  • No-fail packing procedure for shipped in-shape baskets.
  • Overlooked secrets that drive gift basket success.
Only available in DVD

Five Ways To Make A Better Basket

Theme, Product Selection, Hook, Style, and Enhancement

You'll See:  

  • Four "no-fail" enhancement methods that work everytime - even if you don't have any floral experience!  
  • How to use "tag-on" merchandise to change basket themes - without investing a fortune in inventory!  
  • "Slipcover" methods for moving merchandise leftovers.  

You'll Learn:  

  • Money-saving methods for mixing merchandise with the "30-30-40" rule.  
  • A Step-by-step process for building exciting, personable, customized themes - and often by using the same basket for multiple occasions!
  •  What professionals mean when they say a basket is "well-menued"
  • Plus a guide for how to make your own basket menus!  
  • And much, much MORE!

Available in VHS Only

Cheaper, Better, Faster Basket Mechanics


Drive Up Your Earnings with Cost-Cutting Tips and Methodology  Learn the new methods:

  • Upside Down Stacking
  • Central Line Design
  • Basket Backboard Packing
  • Picked-to-Pack Technique
  • Compartmentalized Container Packing
  • PLUS! Speedy Shrinkwrap and Cello Wrap Tips

Available in VHS Only

Cheaper, Better, Faster Basket Enhancements


Learn How to Make:

  • A Blooming Coffee Pot
  • Candy Bouquet
  • Tissue-Paper Flowers for Enhancements
  • A Sunflower Soup Bouquet
  • Figure 8 Bow
  • A Popular Centerpiece
  • Tissue and Cello Fans and Other Toppers
  • Fanned Flame and Variations on the Flame
  • Easy Ribbon Rose
  • And More!

Only available in DVD