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Gift basket industry professionals and creative individuals will devour the informative gift basket books we offer.
 Gift basket industry professionals and creative individuals who enjoy making gifts for friends and family will devour the informative gift basket books, gift basket design videos and other resources.  Gift basket books and general business and marketing books offer specific, useful tools for building a successful  business.  Business plan development, marketing techniques, sales letters and advertising advice are just some of the topics in the training materials developed by experienced business veterans.  Gift basket industry veterans appreciate the top-notch gift basket videos and DVD ’s hosted by Debra Paulk, founder of Gift Basket Review magazine and leading-edge originator of the gift basket industry’s commonly accepted national standards for gift basket methods and techniques. 

Building A Better Gift Basket Business


The Gift Basket Industry is a Growing Business. Are you receiving your share?

Learn About:

  • Basket Assembly
  • Theming Products
  • Budget Planning
  • Setting Goals
  • And Much More!

Guide To Corporate Sales Volume #3


The most trend-setting, state-of-the-art issue in the series!

You'll See:

  • How-to develop smart marketing materials.
  • What the pro's do to save money and win sales.
  • You'll Be Inspired By:
  • Success stories of businesswomen earning mega-orders.
  • Awesome, trend-setting one-gift corporate design concepts.
  • And much more!

Guide To Corporate Sales Volume #4


Building Better Marketing With...

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Web Sites
  • Cover Letters
  • Cold Calls
  • Plus A Mini Catalog Targeted To Meeting Planners

All About Advertising



A Small Business Guide to Practical and Profitable Advertising

Advertise the right way!

Discover how to successfully target a market and reach your sales goal.  This small business guide to practical and profitable advertising will teach you to develop and use an advertising plan, design eye-catching ads, write better ad copy, track advertising response, keep your ad and production cost down and more. 96 Pages.

Promotions Made Easy

Sale! Special


A Workbook for Planning Small Business Promotions.

Why do some businesses succeed and others fail?

The critical secret is in successful promotion and marketing. In this two-part workbook, you'll explore the "why's" of positioning your business and establishing a clear-cut promotion plan. You'll also learn the "how-to's" for writing winning telemarketing scripts, sales letters, and presentation scripts. 120 pages.

Gourmet & Snack 5 pack


Back issues of Gift Basket Review

Mixed General Assortment of subject themes (5 pack)


Back issues of Gift Basket Review