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New Year’s Strategic Planning: Don’t Let A Goliath Get In Your Way


One look at the calendar and you know you should be putting the final finish on your Year strategic planning. But, let’s be honest. Most of us are still digging our way out of Christmas shred.   I’m a few days behind schedule myself and almost PANICKED because the January letter and GBR Online issue is a bit late.  Why? Because I got stuck in annual planning. My mind bogged down on the infinite possibilities for the future and it was overwhelming. (Find the rest of the story in the Members Only Section)


Debra Paulk, editor

Gift Basket Review Online


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• A to Z Valentine Success Tips

O.K. class...take out your planners for a last-minute review of Valentine’s Day success. The following tips will take you to the top of the class!


50 Ways To Build Valentine Gift Basket Sales

We’ve assembled 50 of your most tried-and-true tips on building business. Short of brewing potions or waving some kind of wish-we-had-one magical wand, you’ve provided us with some interesting and effective ideas for a successful Valentine season.