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Gift Basket Business Information by Festivities Publications Inc.

The Worlds Largest Gift Basket Information Site!
Providing Gift Basket Info and Information: Since 1990 Gift Basket Review magazine has been the leading authority on gift basket business information and creative gift basket “how-to’s” in the gift basket industry.  Gift basket business owners, gift basket retailers, gift basket manufacturers, gift basket distributors, and others interested in learning more about how to make gifts and gift baskets depend on Gift Basket Review Online for the most up-to-date gift basket trends, research, surveys, news and information in the gifting industry.  Dedicated to both novices and  professionals in the gift and gift basket industry, Gift Basket Review Online has become a valuable business tool by consistently providing:  creative gift design ideas, step-by-step  training on how to make gift baskets, detailed marketing and management articles, examples of gift basket business plans, contracts, gift basket sales letters, and other specific advice on starting a gift basket business, and building profit year after year. From business start-ups to successful gift designers, gift basket businesses turn to Gift Basket Review Online for information regarding gift baskets and other creative gift formats, such as  towel origami baskets, candy and cookie gift designs,  diaper cakes, fun gift wrapping ideas, ribbon and bow-making, how to wrap and ship gift baskets, and much more. Each online issue of Gift Basket Review is presented with full color photographs of gift and gift basket designs, step-by-step photographed instructions illustrating how to make the gifts and gift baskets, and mini video demonstrations of how to make the creative gifts shown in Gift Basket Review.  Learn how to design, pack, enhance, and wrap gift baskets in cellophane or shrink wrap, getting experienced tips from industry professionals who willingly share gift basket information.  Gain insightful tips on how to make great gift baskets, from selecting gift basket components, to finding gift basket supplies..  Step-by-step gift basket instructions, or “how-to’s” , provide insightful  gift basket basic and advanced design training. Hand selected, high quality new gift basket products and supplies are highlighted in every issue of Gift Basket Review Online.  Product sources, phone numbers and web addresses are always included in Gift Basket Review Online to make finding gift basket components, gift basket supplies and gift basket equipment a cinch.  Much more than creative designs, Gift Basket Review Online’s well researched and professionally written articles guide small business owners down the entrepreneurial path to financial security in the gift basket business.  Learn how to start a  creative gift and gift basket business and keep it growing with detailed marketing and financial advice from experts in the field.  Stay abreast of the latest technology with in-depth articles that make creating a gift basket web site as easy as creating a gift basket.  Most importantly, stay on top of the corporate gift and corporate gift basket industry sales trends with research, gift basket industry statistics and data from gift basket surveys.  Gift Basket Review Online offers a wealth of information on every aspect of making gifts and gift baskets, and selling gift baskets to corporations and consumers. Gift Basket Review Online also hosts the Gift Basket Review magazine archives. Over 1300 pages of text and 2000 gift basket photos provide ideas and information collected through sixteen years of Gift Basket Review magazine back issues. Every imaginable gift basket theme is illustrated in the gift basket photos. Find photos showing great designs of holiday corporate gift baskets, realtor gift baskets, gardening baskets, pet baskets, bath and spa gift baskets, birthday gift baskets, sympathy gift basket design ideas, get well gift basket themes, welcome to your new home gift ideas, collegiate gifts and gift baskets, gifts and gift baskets for anniversaries, centerpieces for parties, party favors, gifts, favors, gift baskets and decorations for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, champagne and wine gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets, gourmet picnic baskets, gifts and baskets for hotels, honeymoon gift baskets, gifts and baskets for Valentine’s Day, Administrative Assistant’s Day, Nurse’s Day and many other professional and consumer gift needs.  From luxury gift baskets to budget gift baskets, every imaginable gift theme is illustrated in photographs, with researched articles exploring commercial markets for gifts and baskets. Gift Basket Review Online is the world’s largest and most comprehensive and in-depth site for gift basket ideas, how to make gift baskets training, gift basket business information and gift basket wholesale sources.

Join the $3 billion gift basket industry and be your own boss.  But don’t do it alone.,  Put the resources of Gift Basket Review Online to work for you,  As with starting any new business, many decisions will have to be made.  Will you work at home or open a warehouse or retail store?  Target corporate markets or serve a retail customer base?  Stick with gourmet foods or branch out with other gift amenities?  Use the methods and techniques developed by Gift Basket Review publisher Debra Paulk, that have become the accepted industry standards to build a better gift basket business.  Due to the flexible nature of starting a gift basket business, this entrepreneurial endeavor has been particularly appealing to women searching for a better work/life balance.  This low-cost, low overhead start-up venture is often started by one person from their home, growing later into a corporate office space, a retail location or a warehouse facility, adding employees as gift basket sales grow.  Many million-dollar gift basket businesses that now operate in huge facilities began as a one-woman business in her basement.  But starting a gift basket business can be a costly venture, if started without good advice, guidance, organization, direction, and a solid business and marketing plan.  You’ll get all the right advice for starting your gift basket business from the gift basket business information, training and support found through the expansive resources of Gift Basket Review Online, The Gift Basket Review Archives, Gift Basket Sharing Circle forum, and the collection of  gift basket videos, books, and Gift Basket Review magazine back-issues.

Whether you are a gift basket industry veteran, a corporate gift business, a gift basket designer or packer,  a new gift basket business start-up, or a creative individual looking for great gifts you can make for friends and business associates, the Learning Library has the resources to improve the way you make gifts, gift baskets, floral arrangements and party decorations, and also improve the profitability of your gift basket business. Gift basket industry professionals and creative individuals who enjoy making gifts for friends and family will devour the informative gift basket books, gift basket design videos and other resources.  Gift basket books and general business and marketing books offer specific, useful tools for building a successful  business.  Business plan development, marketing techniques, sales letters and advertising advice are just some of the topics in the training materials developed by experienced business veterans.  Gift basket industry veterans appreciate the top-notch gift basket videos and DVD ’s hosted by Debra Paulk, founder of Gift Basket Review magazine and leading-edge originator of the gift basket industry’s commonly accepted national standards for gift basket methods and techniques.  Start a gift basket business with the solid advice in the comprehensive gift basket book, “Building A Better Gift Basket Business.”  This business manual includes gift basket building techniques, gift basket themes, and gift basket shrink wrap instructions.  Plus, you’ll learn how to target a market open to gift basket sales, plan corporate and everyday merchandise, package gift basket theme products and write contract letters to prospects interested in buying gift baskets and corporate gifts.  The gift basket video series provides solid ideas that work.  Get all the basics and move on to the more advanced design videos, or train a staff with the basic gift basket videos, choosing a traditional standard lesson with “The 4 Basic Gift Basket Building Methods”, and the newer  DVD, “Starting Out Right Gift Basket Design Basics”, featuring the most streamlined methods for making gift baskets. Learn to make champagne baskets and tall, stacked gift basket towers in “Starting Out Right Advanced Gift Basket Design.”  Build more profitable gift baskets using the speedy techniques and cost-saving ideas in the “Cheaper, Better, Faster” series. Count on the ever-expanding gift basket video series to keep your gift basket business on top of the latest time saving techniques and trends.,  Debra Paulk’s easy to follow step-by-step gift basket instructions save time, money, and help you build a better gift basket business.